4 Tips to Be a Yummy Mummy

One of the great mysteries of the fashion industry and celebrity culture is how women who have just given birth manage to look like they never had a baby at all. No matter how much we try to remind ourselves that they have bucket loads of money and an entourage of people to make sure every hair is in place, we can’t help but compare ourselves. Really, being a yummy mummy isn’t about looking like Victoria Beckham but instead about feeling comfortable in your skin and owning your new role as a mother. Here are a few easy tips on how you can get started on feeling great.

  1. The Right Hair Cut

One of the most fussy and frustrating parts of our appearance that women have to deal with is our head of hair. Our hair can either make us feel unstoppable or just plain irritated. When you have a new baby to attend to, those ten minutes you used to spend on your hair in the morning are reduced to next to nothing. For a quick fix, visit the hairdressers to get a cut, colour and style that suits you and is effortless to quickly wash, dry and maintain. You’ll feel instantly refreshed and satisfied with a new look!

  1. Balance Comfort and Style

It might be tempting to lounge around in XL hoodies all day or throw on your comfiest outfit that has been lying around but in order to really feel and look like a yummy mummy, you’re going to have to think about style too. There’s a whole range of fantastic maternity wear out there now so take your girlfriends out on a shopping trip to get a capsule wardrobe of practical, comfortable and stylish clothes that express your personality too.

  1. Take Time Out

Yummy mummy down-time is a must. Whether that’s time alone on a date night with you and your partner or a trip to the spa for a massage, manicure and pedicure, be sure to take time out and pamper yourself. If you wind down and relax from the stresses that can come with having a baby, you’ll be a happier mummy for it. And a happy mummy means a happy baby.

  1. Confidence is Key

Everyone has different things that make them feel good and no one can prescribe those things to you. Find out what makes you feel confident, positive and free. If you’re feeling frumpy, find a way to exercise and get your body moving in a way that you enjoy most.

A yummy mummy isn’t necessarily yummy because of the way she looks, it’s the feeling and impression she gives. Beauty is different for everyone so stick to what you want to do and focus on the positives. Take active steps to feeling great in your new role and you’re guaranteed to feel happier and healthier for it.

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