7 Homemade Wedding Decorations Ideas for Couples on a Budget

People say there is no right time or age for wedding or falling in love. When two people want to spend the rest of their life together, they give a name of this beautiful journey in the form of marriage. Budget constraint is a major issue when it comes to weddings and it is such an event where we would be unwilling to compromise with our dreams and aspirations for the day.

One thing we can assure you is that money will never come in the way of your big day. Websites such as wholeblossoms.com and many more sell wedding décor items at a reasonable rate. Besides, you can always create things on your own by learning them from the internet. That’s how easy things have become nowadays.

Use a combination of real and paper flowers

Buying wholesale flowers from wholeblossoms.com would reduce your floral budget to a certain extent. If you choose seasonal flowers, the cost would go down more. But to reduce a huge chunk of your floral budget you can make paper flowers on your own. The process is quite simple. All you need to do is cut the paper according to the desired shape and glue it together one after another. You can use a combination of real and paper flowers on the wedding venue. For instance, for the centerpieces, you can use the paper flowers but for the bouquets, use real flowers.

Create your own floral accessories

Flowers are required for various accessories- the bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, floral crowns and so much more. Good part is if you have the floral supplies, you can make them on your own. There are plenty of online tutorials available on how to create your own floral accessories. You can get the floral supplies at a reasonable price from wholeblossoms.com. For your wedding jewelries as well, you can choose to go for floral neckpieces and crowns instead of fancy ones. For beach themed weddings, floral jewelries would be more appropriate than the conventional ones.

Go for DIY arch decors

Using paper crafts, lights, ribbons or simple flowers, you can create your own arch. Since the arch holds more emotional value than other décor items, invest your time into this more rather than spending money. Look for inspirations online and create a personalized arch in your own unique style. A simple wooden platform with flowers arranged in the shape of heart would look good on the camera if chosen the right flowers for it.

Use poster paper pompoms on ceilings

Using colorful pompoms on the ceilings will actually give a gorgeous look to the venue. Use the colors of your wedding theme for pompoms. Pompoms are readily available online but you can easily make them at home. Simply buy chart paper and fold them alternately. Cut each piece into four to five sectors and add them alternately with glue.

Balloons with shimmery painting

A small venue would require around 100 to 200 balloons. Two to three packets of balloons are enough for the venue which shouldn’t cost you much. How you can make them look gorgeous is through painting them with shimmery colors. Golden, silver, red or the color of your wedding theme can be used to paint the balloons. By that through minimalistic budget, you can create a flashy look for your wedding.

Origami for the dessert corner

For food or dessert corner, surprise the guests with some origami. Origami is a simple form of paper art and you can master the art within few weeks of practice only. Decorate the food corner with different shapes of paper craft. The papers can be kept blank white or you can go with the wedding flower colors.

Balloons wrapped in transparent clothes

As mentioned before, balloons will not take much of your budget. For smaller venues, painted balloons are a good option. For bigger venues, painting so many balloons won’t be a feasible idea. In this case, what you can do is wrap the balloons in transparent shimmery clothes. Balloons wrapped in clothes will take up more space and hence you would require lesser number of balloons.

If you use our ideas for your wedding, don’t forget to share your pictures on social media platforms. Let others know of your work and how easy it is to pull off a budget friendly wedding!

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