How to Create An Awesome Instagram Profile Based on Fashion

If you consider yourself something of a fashionista then why not use social media platform Instagram to really get the word out about who you are. There are many ‘everyday people’ out there who have been able to use the social media service to gain fame, fortune and freebies though their fashion tips and looks, and if you have what it takes then you can as well. Instagramming in a niche is a great way to attract people to your profile and it ensures that you have loyal and real Instagram followers who will interact and engage. Let’s take a look then at how you can create an awesome fashion profile on Instagram.



The content will be the key behind everything you do and so it is worth spending quite a lot of time on this before you get started so that you can define your style. Think about what kind of looks you are going to be promoting, and where your speciality lies. The key to finding success is to focus on what you are good at, and run with it. When it comes to fashion, you should be thinking about how you will take the best shots to show off your looks and so you need to make sure that you understand how photography works best and how you can use filters to boost your content.



One of the keys to finding success as a fashion Instagrammer is to stay on topic and make sure that you are taking advantage of new and exciting trends. There is a fine balance to be struck when it comes to trends as whilst you will want to keep up with what is popular, you should also looking to be a trendsetter. The key when starting out is not to be too avant-garde, stick to trends but throw a few of your own looks into the mix as well.



Engagement is going to be key for your profile and you should be looking to create great content that makes people want to engage, as well as interacting with them once they have. If you create a cool look then people will want to know where you bought your goods or where you recommend that they shop, leaving them hanging will lose trust and slow down your progress. Instagram is a community and if you are putting yourself out there as someone who knows about fashion, you should be prepared to talk about it with them.



Once you have gained a little success, you should be looking at what partnerships you can make with fashion labels, magazines and retailers. Doing this will not only get you a bunch of freebies but it can also help to add weight to your profile and make people take you much more seriously as a fashion blogger.

Make great content, interact with your followers and do all that you can to push your fashion agenda.

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