How to Dress Professionally Stylish this Fall

As the leaves begin to change and the temperature begins to chill, you’ve no doubt started preparing for fall celebrations, but have you thought about updating your office style? Just because you’ve delved into the professional world doesn’t mean you have to give up your passion for fashion. Make the office your runway this fall by incorporating fashion sensibilities into classic professional pieces.

A Pop of Color

If you’re looking through the professional clothing section of your wardrobe and finding mostly black and greys, your outfits are probably in need of a fun color infusion. A pair of bright heels, a burnt orange blouse, or a well-selected necklace with fall colors will help you get into the spirit this autumn. A mustard yellow pencil skirt paired with a blue and white striped blouse can make for a fun fall outfit that would be appropriate for any meeting. Stick with warm colors that are easy to match with the blacks and greys in your closet without making the outfit feel disjointed.

Jacket Switch-Up

If your office is business casual-friendly, switch out a blazer for a well-fitted biker jacket. Wear slacks and a blouse for conservative appeal, but slip on your motorcyclist-inspired outerwear to give you an extra vibe of cool. If you’re not ready to pull out the leather, pick a more relaxed blazer that still appears professional while giving your outfit a softer edge. You’ve got a variety of outwear options this fall: a long coat will surely draw the attention of fashion savvy coworkers. A classic fall coat can work in any atmosphere while serving its intended purpose—keeping you warm. If you’d like to go with a timeless coat that will carry you through multiple seasons and multiple years, look into neutral camel-colored wool coats that would make Jackie O proud, or channel your inner detective with the perfectly primped trench coat.

You’ve Got This in the Bag

Mix utility and style by adding the perfectly poised bag to your collection. A tailored bag can add a necessary injection of upscale class into any outfit. Avoid shapeless bags that hang more like sacks and look for a rigid bag with clean lines and clean colors. Brown, beige, and black bags make it easy to match any outfit and look immediately elegant.

It’s A Woman’s World

Take your tailored suit and give it a uniquely feminine appeal that will position you as a powerhouse with great fashion sensibility in the office. A soft lacy camisole underneath a buttoned up suit jacket is powerful and disarming, while a colorful patterned blouse underneath can keep your vibrant personality visible beneath your “I mean business” demeanor. Adding accessories with a fall flavor can also help make your classic suit better reflect your personal style.


Adding a tasteful jewelry piece to your outfit this fall can make your office apparel pop with little effort. A statement necklace can easily inject more life into a boring blouse, and layered bracelets will adorn your arm with effortless style. Even if you don’t have your ears pierced, you can find some designer-looking clip-on earrings from If you’re still wearing old jewelry that has faded, make sure you keep it clean and good as new this fall.

The Perfect Balance

If you love a good pair of strappy heels, or adore your low-cut tops, you can work to find the perfect balance of saucy and conservative. Skinny jeans that show off curves can be toned down with a tailored blazer on top, and a pair of heels will pull the two looks together for a versatile outfit that can go from work life to nightlife in a jiffy.


Inclement weather may make your staple office heels or flats a less than satisfactory fashion option during the fall and winter months, so vamp up your shoe collection with a variety of footwear that will keep your feet warm and protected from any sort of precipitation your town might receive. Ankle booties with a small heel are still elegant enough to meld well with professional clothing, and knee-high boots paired with slick black skinny jeans are a perfect look for business casual-friendly offices.

It’s easy to bring your fashion sense into the office this fall season with color schemes, new accessories, and a creative eye. Keep yourself dressed practically and professionally while impressing coworkers with your fashion prowess.

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