Mistakes To Avoid In Men’s Fashion

Not every man is born a natural when it comes to fashion. It can take time to develop that sense of personal style that comes so easily to others, and it may require some trial and error. That process of trial and error doesn’t have to be disastrous, however, if you know a few key mistakes to stay away from. Take note of these common fashion errors before you get dressed and you should be on the right track.

  1. Paying a fortune for a suit that doesn’t fit. There are plenty of guys out there who panic at the sight of a formal dress code on an invitation and throw a load of money at a pricy brand only to find that they don’t look that great when the big day arrives. When doing your suits shop online, focus on finding a style that suits you and a fit that looks tailored and sharp. Finding that suit that fits well will lead to a far more fashionable appearance than paying big bucks for a brand you like the sound of.
  2. Wearing any old shoes and neglecting the polish. You can rock up to the office every day in the most stylish outfit, but you’ll still look underdressed if your shoes are scruffy and not properly cared for. Pay attention to your shoes and give them a good polish regularly to make sure you look professional and smart at all times. Invest in a decent pair that won’t get scuffed and damaged easily to avoid constantly having to buy new shoes.
  3. Wearing the same thing for years on end. Many men who are awkward about fashion find themselves wearing the same outfit on a daily basis for years out of fear of trying something new. Try to break out of the style rut by opting for something at least a little different and incorporating it into your wardrobe. You don’t have to go all-out fashion magazine, just mix things up once in a while.
  4. Looking like a big mess in your tie. Every man should have a decent tie collection, but only put one on once you’ve mastered the art of tying it properly. A messy tie is a real schoolboy error and definitely won’t look impressive in the boardroom. You should have the basics down from your school uniform days, but make sure you keep it neat and stylish by watching a few video tutorials and practicing in the evening.
  5. Throwing on a baggy shirt for work. Unless you’ve suddenly lost a load of weight from a mysterious stomach parasite, there’s no real excuse to wear a shirt that doesn’t fit. Baggy shirts are unflattering and unfashionable, so invest in a few smart collared shirts that fit properly against your body. That doesn’t mean they should be tight – you should be able to move your arms around freely, but a close fit is key.
  6. Covering your clothes in logos and brand names. We all fall victim to clever marketing sometimes, and fashion is no exception. Some men mistakenly believe that a popular brand name plastered across their chest will automatically make them look more stylish. Big mistake. Opt for classic clothing styles and good tailoring if you want to look sharp – not recognisable logos.

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