Things to stay away from if you want your clothes to look more expensive than they really are

Most of us have faced the situation when we’ve wanted our clothes to look more expensive than they actually are. We always don’t have enough money to buy some of the most expensive clothes but we can plan out some tricks with our dresses so that they look richer despite the fact that we spent few dollars on them. There are certain mistakes that women of all ages make and these mistakes make their clothes look cheap. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on your clothes and yet you want them to look expensive, you have to steer clear from certain things. Check out the list given below.

  1. Gathered seams and badly tailored items: Designers usually prefer this because they are able to make clothes in a more forgiving manner which hides various fitting issues that arise when they use smooth and flat seams. Garments that are sharply tailored are pretty difficult to make and since they are more expensive, chances are high that they will be worn by few people. The better a dress fits you, the worse it can fit anyone else. So, you should always look for pieces with sharp tailoring and clean lines and select pleats over gathered seams.
  2. Cheap embellishments: Sequins, beading, embroidery and studs might look amazing and beautiful when they’re applied by some professional using some of the best quality materials. However, they don’t look good when they’re stitched through a machine on a T-shirt that costs around $20. Even if you think that the embellished piece looks fine in the store or in a picture where some model is wearing it, once you start wearing it, the embellishments might fall apart, giving it a cheap appearance. So, focus only on unadorned pieces and use separate accessories as good ways to accessorize yourself.
  3. Jerseys or cotton knits in dark colors: You might feel that these are some of the greatest ones initially but once you throw them into the washing machine and dry them a few times, you will soon see the color fading away. Knits become a lot fuzzier than the first time you bought them. You should instead stick to cotton knits that come in light pastel colors or grays and whites so that they look good on you.
  4. Wearing the wrong lace: Once you know how high-quality and real handmade lace feels when you place it in your hands, you will soon recognize the flimsy and flat machine made ones that are worn by people who can’t afford expensive lace. Occasionally, cheap lace can surprise you but it is always safer to buy an expensive lace dress if you want to make a good impression.

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