Turning Your Passion For Fashion Into Something More

If you have a passion for fashion it’s likely at some point in life you’ve pondered doing something with that passion, like turning it into a career. There are some careers, and even some hobbies if you’ve already got a career you love, that can revolve around fashion and let you do something more with that love of clothing.


Become A Fashion Blogger


One of the easiest, and cheapest, ways to express your love of fashion is to start a fashion blog. Your need for money when it comes to a blog just depends on how professional you want it to be. Some people try out crowdfunding sites to make the money they need to pay for a .com and to help get them going.


If you just want to blog for fun and don’t care about a pro looking site, you can just go through any free blogger program to share your thoughts and opinion on fashion. However, a fashion blog done well could get you some of these other fashion gigs.


Become A Personal Shopper


If you have a knack for picking out the perfect outfit you might want to become a person shopper for busy people or for people that just don’t know how to make their wardrobe look good and match.


Your job would make shopping for fashion less stressful for others, and fun for you because you’d get to make the perfect match on someone else’s tab and get paid for it. You could go with people that have time and just need a lesson in putting outfits together, or you could just do the shopping for a busy corporate executive.


Become A Fashion Designer


One technical and more creative thing that you could do with your passion for fashion is to become a fashion designer and actually create clothes, from simple sketches on paper to a sewn piece that a friend models for photos.


You’ll definitely need to invest in a sewing machine and maybe even take some sewing classes if you want to design clothes, some people might even look into graduate fashion programs but it can definitely be a fun hobby or career. You never know, you may even be able to sell your designs to Target or Macy’s!


Become A Fashion Salesperson


One of the easiest ways to start a career in fashion is getting a job at a clothing store. If you have a knack for customer service, love to help people pick out clothes, and have an outgoing personality, working as a fashion salesperson could be the perfect job for you.


You could get a job at a store that only sells clothes or a job in the clothing department at a larger store. If you work hard and really show them you have what it takes to sell clothes you could be managing the store or department in no time.

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