What is All the Craze with Superga Sneakers?

First developed in 1911, the Superga logo is the brainchild of Walter Martiny. Walter started the Superga journey with rubber soled footwear and later diversified into vulcanized rubber soles. This diversification marked the birth of the Superga 2750 style.

Eventually, Superga identified their target market and began to create exclusive, high-quality footwear. The 1970’s saw them adding sports shoes with technical attributes into their collection.

The Superga collection today boasts of a vast variety of colors and styles, in addition to the original Superga Vulcanized Rubber and Sport shoes. And the best part is that they are not restricted to the rich or the elite. In fact, they are very affordable.

The Superga 2750 style has been a fashion icon right from the beginning. These comfortable shoes are easy on the foot and have the power to dress up any sports outfit. They have been a favorite with Italians who love to wear them in the city, on the beach, and even for a weekend get-away. They are low maintenance shoes that can be washed like your favorite pair of jeans, which also helps to create that sought-after vintage look.

The essence of Superga lies in celebrating the fun-filled lifestyle of 2750. A variety of fabrics, prints, and colors are available to choose from, for men, women and children.

Another favorite amongst the Superga range is the Cotu Classic Black or White sneakers. While the shoes have been the choice for European women for years, the American following is growing daily. These sneakers have been worn by a number of celebrities including Gwen Stefani, Katie Holmes and Jennifer Aniston.

You can dress up the black sneakers a little more, since they are more streamlined. Try pairing these with black skinnies and a structured jacket. These Superga sneakers not only look super chic, but they are extremely comfortable and can go with any outfit. They are sophisticated and subtle, and you can wear them with practically anything. The rounded toe in the canvas material gives the shoe an extremely classy feel.

Considering their durability, quality, and versatility, you may be surprised to discover that they are also affordable.

Wherever you may be going, Superga sneakers are your perfect companion. Whether you are looking for the perfect shoes for going on vacation, to the beach, shopping, or out on the town, Superga shoes are snug, adorable, and comfortable. They have the power to make any outfit look super fresh, clean, and fashionable.

Flattering on your feet, Superga sneakers fit like a dream, even for people who wear insoles. You will be sure to find the right pair for you as there are many styles to choose from.9

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